Sleep Oil Essential Oil Blend

$ 20.00

Full Moon Sleep Oil is an all-natural, hand blended aromatic massage oil formulated to help you relax and fall asleep naturally. From calming and floral Lavender, to earthy and grounding Patchouli, the scent of the combined essential oils within will help quiet your mind, letting you drift into a good night's sleep. A blend of Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils make this a great massage oil consistency so the relaxing aroma stays alive while you fall asleep. (Note: This product contains a slightly higher dilution of essential oils than some other massage oils and is not intended to be used by children.)

Just before going to bed, apply and massage in 1 drop behind each ear and to the temples. Rub any residual oil on your hands or fingers into your wrists or neck.

Allergy warning: Contains almond oil. Do not use this product if you have a nut allergy.

Bottled in a frosted glass Boston Round with a white dropper top for easy dispensing. Heat shrink on the neck/cap for tamper proof and leak prevention during shipping. Hand filled, hand numbered.

1 oz. / 30 ml.

Handcrafted in USA - All-natural - Ethically produced - Never tested on animals for any reason - Avoid eye and mucous membrane contact - For external use only - Do not ingest - Keep out of reach of children

Product not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. No product claims have been reviewed by FDA.