Immune Support-Mushroom Medley-Cinnamon/Ginger

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Mushroom Medley®

Receive the benefits that superfoods like medicinal mushrooms have to offer with Mushroom Medley®! Used for thousands of years, the medley of mushrooms and herbs chosen for this tea contain active compounds that protect and boost the immune system. Paired with flavorful chai spices, warming ginger and succulent orange, this tea works magic on the body and the taste buds.

Directions: For optimal results do a decoction (simmer the tea on stove top) for ten minutes. This process releases compounds, as well as flavor, in the herbs that would not get extracted with traditional steeping. To maximize servings, after straining, retain the cooked herbs and refrigerate or freeze them for another use. This tea can be decocted 3-4 times. Reuse herbs until tea becomes light in color and begins to lose its taste. Directions are on label.

Inspiration for this tea comes from the all courageous men and women battling cancer.

Net weight 3 oz., Makes up to 72 servings.

This product is made with certified organic herbs, spices and fruits.

Our teas are crafted and packaged in the USA!

For the conservation of the ecosystem, we source ingredients responsibly and from farms that practice sustainable harvesting.

Ingredients: organic chaga mushroom, wild crafted turkey tail mushroom, organic astragalus root, organic cinnamon bark, organic decorticated cardamom seed, organic reishi mushroom, organic chicory root, organic orange peel, organic ginger root

Warning: If you take blood thinning or high blood pressure medications, talk to your doctor before starting a medicinal mushroom regimen. Do not use if your are pregnant or breastfeeding. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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