Anti-inflammatory - Alaskan Tundra Tea - Good World Goods
Anti-inflammatory - Alaskan Tundra Tea - Good World Goods
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Anti-inflammatory - Alaskan Tundra Tea

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Alaskan Tundra Tea

Tundra Tea, or commonly known as Labrador Tea, is a plant found in the tundra regions of Alaska and Canada. This ingredient, along with other flavorful herbs and spices in this tea, are well known for their anti-inflammatory properites.

Directions: 1 tablespoon tea with 1 cup freshly boiled water. Steep 15 minutes.

Warning: Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not drink this tea in excessive amounts. We recommend no more than 1 cup per day. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse effects.

Net weight 2 oz., Makes up to 35 servings.

This product is made with certified organic herbs and spices.

Our teas are crafted and packaged in the USA!

For the conservation of the ecosystem, we source ingredients responsibly and from farms that practice sustainable harvesting.

Ingredients: wild crafted Labrador leaves, moringa, cinnamon chips and bark, chrysanthemum flowers, spearmint leaf

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