Swedish Government Pays Citizens To Fix Their Broken Things Instead Of Throwing Them Away

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Shopping Fair Trade is important for many reasons, including economic, but did you know that most fairly traded goods we carry are created with recycled goods? We need more of this. Here is an interesting article by earthables.

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The Swedish government has found a way to help promote its people to throw away less and reuse more. They are now offering tax deductions to people who take their damaged or broken belongings to a professional repair place, as opposed to simply throwing them out and buying new. From clothes to computers and everything in between, Sweden will compensate its citizens for repairing instead of replacing.

Residents can claim back a percentage of their income if they have repairs conducted on damaged goods within a given year. As a result of the new initiative, tax breaks are expected to total up to $70 million dollars in lost tax revenue. That might sound like bad news, but Sweden currently has an $800 million dollar surplus so a $70 million loss in tax revenue isn’t such a big deal, especially considering how much good it could provide the planet.

The ultimate goal is for consumers to purchase higher quality goods and then repair them as needed, as opposed to buying lots of cheap items that are thrown away the second they break.

Thank you Sweden for helping make our planet cleaner, greener and more sustainable! Hint, hint every other nation out there, it’s time to jump on the sustainable bandwagon too.




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